Thursday, June 9, 2011

Soluble Film Scarf Making (Or, it's so cold my brain can't think of a more 'catchy' title for this post!)

Last Saturday, a handful of lovely ladies (including Meredith, here)  gathered at the CWA hall in Theodore and made scarves. Beautiful, colourful, snazzy, yummy scarves!

The scarf workshop is my favourite one to teach - everyone finishes at least one scarf in a day, they are always really excited with the results of their days work, and participants seem never to fail to have fun. What's not to love?!

I mean, how happy does Melinda look here? And that smile of hers made me extra happy, because she lost pretty much everything in the floods earlier this year. Her enjoyment heightened all our enjoyment.

Andrea showed everyone how to tie her "Andrea Knot", which is quite possibly the coolest way to tie a scarf that I have ever seen.

Thanks to all the gorgeous girls who shared their Saturday with me, and let me take their photos so I could share the day with everyone here. While I know you all enjoyed the day, I'm not sure that you will ever know how much I enjoy sharing these techniques with you all... your delight in the works you create is infectious and exhilarating!

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