Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Next Whisper

When the day comes that I can share the complete artworks for the Chinese Whispers Collaboration with you, I think I'll be like a dog in a forest...I won't know which tree to start on!

These are pages for Lindesay - the only brave male in our very female dominated group. It is becoming quite difficult to settle on what the themes might be now (or at least, I'm finding it so).

In this page, there is some Shiva oil stick, applied over masking tape, as well as through a stencil. Some collage elements and scanned copies of some of my drawing (you can see a glimpse on the left. And Walnut Ink. Have I told you before how much I love Walnut Ink? It's great stuff...the brown coloured area down the height of the snippet here is the result of Walnut Ink applied to torn paper. A little painted onto any paper will age it beautifully, leaving lovely puddles of deeper colour and settling into any creases and differences in the texture of the paper. Deliciousness.


An old map image, painted tissue over the top, and some carefully selected words form the most part of the back side of the page.

I'm getting some lovely pages back for my own book, which I'm looking forward to binding together when everyone has had their turn at interpreting my theme. The theme is 'twisting' just a tiny bit, as I imagine every one's book pages are as we continue to 'whisper' to one another.

Another 'page' waits in the studio...this time for Kristin. I'll share a secret snippet with you when I'm done.


Hannah said...

Tracey, thank you for sharing this "leaf" from you collective books. I love that you've included walnut ink. It's a substance I've just discovered (see link below) and like you, I've enjoyed watching it's subtle movements. I look forward to seeing others' pages as they arrive.

Hannah said...

Whoops--don't think the link worked, but here is the post:

Tracey said...

Hi Hannah! Walnut ink is often my go-to supply when I'm wrangling with a piece, too. It's subtle changes are often the answer!