Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sari Silk + Silk Ribbon + Soluble Film = Snazzy Scarf

Don't you love it when you have a random idea in the shower one day, and when you try it out, it actually works?

Recently I discovered how to use my Bernina Free Motion Couching Foot properly (a total revelation!) This foot gives you the ability to stitch down a heavy thread or yarn, in any direction you please. I got to wondering... would it work to lay fibres onto the soluble as always, but instead of stitching a grid, free machine embroider a yarn over the top to hold it together?

Yep, it works.
This particular one has a base of Silk Sari Ribbon - which is basically the scraps from the Sari factory, as I understand it - with a hand dyed silk ribbon/tape from the lovely Gill at Fibreworks applied to the top.

The raw edges and little lacy gaps may not be every one's cup of tea - but I'm loving this!
It's destined for Bush Christmas...if I can bring myself to part with it.

*The Sari Ribbon comes from Dale at The Thread Studio - my 'go to' supplier for many, many wonderful things - and their service is second to none... I like to share my good things with you - when I write about something here, it's because I love it and think maybe you will too. The Thread Studio is definitely a place I love!


JeMA said...

How beautiful. It is SO affirming when your shower ideas come to light! The real achievement is that you did try it!

Hannah said...

This is absolutely lovely--from its watery conception to reality! The swirls remind me of the spirals in Gustav Klimt's paintings. Do you think you will make more of them to sell?

Tracey said...

Thanks JeMA! I probably haven't given myself credit for actually taking the idea from shower to reality - thanks for reminding me!

And thank you too Hannah. I have made more to sell - they all have a different stitched pattern on them. I think this swirly one is my favourite so far though.

I will send all I have to the Bush Christmas Exhibition later in the week - and post photos of some of the others when the frenzy is over!

Gail said...

Oh so cool Tracey!!! Thanks for trying your idea out and then sharing it with us. It's a joy to see your lovely work.
I've got an idea that I'm trying to put together for this weekend, but I think I will run out of time!! lol But I do have all the gear out so as long as I don't put it away it should get done. haha

Anonymous said...

hi tracey, i have just gotten some silk sari and wonder is i should wash/rinse it since a lot of it is stiff? i know to use vinegar or salt and tepid water. thanks for any help you can give.
i live in atlanta,ga usa

Tracey said...

Hi Beverly in Atlanta!
I don't wash the sari silk out before I use it - I do iron it out flat (which is quite possibly the MOST tedious task ever!). The stiffness seems to wash out OK when you dissolve the soluble bag, and I suspect it makes the stitching a little easier, because it's firmer. I do rinse these out in boiling water to dissolve the bags I use, so if the soluble you are using is a cold water one, that may make a difference.

Good luck! I hope that's of some help. Great to 'meet' you here!