Saturday, October 15, 2011

Purely for recreation - or, this isn't going to change the world, but it's fun!

A while ago, I succumbed to technology, and acquired an iPhone. Shorty thereafter, I was introduced to iPhone apps. I remain unconvinced that the world is an infinitely better place for such things, BUT...they can be a lot of fun!

My favourite is the 100 Cameras in 1 app. with 100 different filters that you can apply to your images - on top of one another, if you see fit.

This first one was a not too exciting pic of our baby at the local show. I love the feel of this image now. I'm pretty dang fond of the guy in the hat, too, for that matter.

The original of this photo was shot out the car window while stuck in traffic in Brisbane. Again, a very ordinary original photo, yet the effect after a play with it is pretty cool.

Another  out-the-car window shot...this one between Barkley Homestead and Cape Crawford, Northern Territory. I have a bit of a thing for snapping random images out of a moving car - my photo files have loads of them - most not very good, but great reminders of a trip or place.

This is kind of surreal...but then this whole episode was quite weird.

The cow you see here has just been chased from my back door - under the verandah - quite literally bashing her head into the double glass doors; bowing the frame with her weight. How she came to choose my back door for a unscheduled visit on a Thursday afternoon remains a mystery. But I am so very thankful that she didn't break through the door and into the house! Keelan wondered what we would write on the insurance claim form if she had in fact broken the doors and run riot inside (which was looking very likely for a minute there!). There's been a lot of laughter around here about this - not to mention a fair bit of head shaking, wondering just what she had in mind! Definitely surreal. And this filter gives the photo a suitable strange feel to share with you just how bizarre with whole experience was! 



Robin Mac said...

What a laugh you must be having now, but could have had a very different outcome! I love the effects you have got with the apps on your iphone - I have resisted new technology very successfully so far. Cheers - love you whispers by the way.

Tracey said...

Hi Robin! I have to confess that I kind of love the fool iPhone! Helps that I have young minds around to give me a quick guided tour of new tricks as they appear!
Glad you're enjoying the whispers, too...I often wonder if they have any meaning or interest for anyone else- they're just snippets, really!