Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sing Me Your Story...the final part of It Starts With An Emu

 While this is technically the end of the series following the development of these pieces; I'm going to take a minute to slip back to the beginning...although, at the time, I didn't realise it was the beginning. Confused yet?

The images above are of the Devils Marbles in the Northern Territory. These marble shaped granite rocks are dotted over an area of about 1800 hectares, balanced on one another in seemingly impossible formations. The traditional owners, the Warumungu people, share the creation stories that tell of these rocks being the fossilised eggs of the Rainbow Serpent. The Aborigines have songs that record a great deal of their culture - their stories - which are handed on through song to following generations. Walking among the devils marbles, you come across an information sign which tells of the belief that spirits inhabit this area; that they coax the children in to visit with them and never let them return to their families, and that the people have 'forgotten the song to sing the children home'. It's a little chilling. And, after wandering among these remarkable rocks for a while, losing your way once or twice, it is easy to imagine that thousands of years ago - when there weren't thousands of tourists tramping around every year - that little children would run off playing, become lost and simply vanish!

A couple of weeks ago I started to share the creation of these pieces with you. We left off with the background of this one in a condition I was very happy with, and waiting for the strong focal point it needed to tell it's tale.
I settled on a black dimensional paint - called Xpandaprint - applied with a rubber stamp. This stamp has a series of oval shapes and wavy lines that reminded me of the Northern Territory - especially the Devils Marbles. When heat is applied (with my trusty heat gun) the paint bubbles up and becomes lumpy and crusty and delicious! Perfect for the application of a very careful and gentle rubbing of gold gilding wax.

Sing Me Your Story 13cm x 18cm
© 2010 Tracey Hewitt

All that remained was to tear some more map pieces with the words sing me your story written on and apply them to the canvas. There is something about the power of a song - think of nursery rhymes and even those awful commercials that you will never forget the words to - handed down through generations to help a culture remember, that speaks to my soul.

Thanks for following along with these little canvases - I've enjoyed sharing them with you and have loved the comments some of you have shared with me!

They are, as I write, in their new homes in Indiana...And, if their new owners happen to visit here - I hope you like them!


merci33 said...

A haunting and majestic landscape, a marvelous story and a beautiful rich work of 'song'...delightful!

Hannah Phelps said...

My sister-in-law lives in Melbourne (since 2006).

This past Christmas, she gave us a "Spirit of a Nation" calendar with photos by Ken Duncan.

January was a picture he calls "God's Marbles", but he explains that they are usually called "Devil's Marbles".

It was fun to learn more about the location in this post from a different artist's point of view.

I love this piece-I wish I could see the wonderful textures in person! Though I would be tempted to touch!

Hannah said...

Tracey--I like the way you bring us back to the beginning of your posts with the pictures of the balancing rocks--and your words which echo the songs of the Aboriginal. You've literally gone back to the source, helping us to appreciate the history and meaning of your inspiration.

Tracey said...

Once again, I thank you lovely ladies for your appreciation! And, while I know it's frowned upon, and not good practice - I wouldn't mind if you touched that's what I want to do, too!!

Gail said...

Hi Tracey
Love your 'Sing me Your Story". picture. They are lucky people and I'm sure they will appreciate them. If not they can send them to me. I'll have them lol.

Tracey said...

Thanks Gail! Dad came home with a photo of "Ernie" on the lovely lady's mantlepiece...
The new owner of Sing Me Your Story happened to be getting married that week, so it became a thank you gift AND a wedding present!